Meet Tovah Kolodinski

Whether it’s through Tovah Petra’s Coaching, intimate groups, transformational workshops, or writing, Tovah helps individuals and couples have better sex and feel happier and more secure in themselves and their relationships. Tovah is a Somatica® trained Sex and Relationship Coach, with a Masters in Human Development and Social Change.

I help people grow their self-worth, embody their sexuality, and confidently express their feelings, needs, and boundaries so that they can have deeper, happier relationships, and call in their life partner…

without repeating painful patterns in dating and love, and (for those who want them) passing shame and dysfunction on to their children. 
As a Somatica® trained sex and relationship coach, I’m here to help you:

✨Step into your deservingness of the love and connection you deeply desire.
✨Create secure partnerships and relationships where you feel safe, to be honest about your feelings.
✨Have the most enriching and empowering emotional and erotic experiences of your life. 

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