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In a world filled with fast-paced achievements and hushed emotions, Tovah Petra coaching approach to Somatica Healing stands as a beacon for those seeking true connection and self-discovery. Through her transformative intimacy coaching, individuals embark on a journey of authenticity and self-love. Tovah's approach goes beyond conventional norms, guiding clients to explore and embrace their core desires. This isn't just about relationships; it's about crafting a unique formula for profound connections and a sex life that resonates with the individual, free from external expectations.

Amidst Tovah's coaching, the significance of attachment styles in shaping relationships is unveiled. It's not merely about understanding oneself but becoming a safe haven for others to express, set boundaries, and foster connections founded on respect. Tovah's coaching delves into embodiment, encouraging a felt sense of home in one's body—a foundation for deeper intimacy and better understanding and expressing emotions. From identifying boundaries to using conflict as a tool for intimacy, Tovah's coaching is a holistic journey toward self-empowerment and genuine connection. Tovah Petra's coaching promises a transformative experience where all aspects of you are seen, acknowledged, honored, and celebrated, paving the way to lasting self-worth, secure love, and inner peace.

Ready For True Connection?
...without all the anxiety and overthinking?
  • Dissociate from or suppress your feelings.
  • Steamroll your capacity so that you can be productice or helpful.
  • Compromise your boundaries because you don't want to disappoint others.

Beyond that, youre so busy that you rarely even think to center your pleasure.

  • You rush through sex and self pleasure
  • You feel a bit numb down there and sometimes you push yourself to endure sex that doesn't feel good because you want to please your partner, or just get it over with.
  • You feel ashamed or dirty for pursuing casual sex.
If any of this resonates, you're in the right place to clear away the shame and fear that is blocking you from expressing yourself and getting what you need and desire.


A tailored, one-on-one somatic (body-based) coaching journey to integrate your emotional and erotic self as a pathway to self-healing, self-worth, and better sex and relationships. The goal of Sex and Intimacy Coaching is to help you better understand your emotional and erotic self so that you can feel mentally resilient, share more of yourself with others, have better sex, and feel happier and more secure in your relationships. 

With embodied self-awareness and practice expressing yourself comes the ability to attune to and communicate your unique capacity, boundaries, emotional needs, and sexual desires so that you can create a deeper physical and emotional connection with your primary partner, lover(s), people you're dating, and everyone you want to feel closer to.

I will hold the space where ALL of you will be seen, acknowledged, honored and celebrated - Tovah Petra


You tend to have high expectations of yourself, which can cause you to override your capacity and boundaries and 
put your feelings and desires on hold, leaving you feeling empty and disconnected.

You struggle to honestly express your feelings and needsand when you do, you often don’t feel heard. You’ve had 
partners get defensive, shut down or even trivializes you. 

You have some fear around emotional intimacy. (I know, baring yourself to another can feel really scary!) You know 
that this block is holding you back from connection (even with friends and family). You’ve tried everything, f
rom therapy to yoga, and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You worry that you’re not enough or too much – not good enough in bed and life, your body isn’t “hot” enough, 
you’ll be found out and rejected, you’re too old, too broken, too complicated, too needy.

You’re experiencing sexual dysfunction or low desire and it’s causing some tension in your relationship. You’re 
ready to (finally) prioritize and spice up your sex life, yet you don’t know where to start.

You struggle to express yourself sensually and sexually. You find it hard to let go and truly enjoy sex, and even 
talking about sex can feel hard, yet you’re ready to step more fully into your sexuality and bring more variety into your sex life.

Tovah truly is the best. I am not sure what I would have done without her help. - Customer


A complimentary Discovery all (schedule HERE…) and debrief session (upon program completion).  *** USE CALENDLY 

Zoom coaching sessions (weekly, 2/month or 3/month, with flexibility during travel, etc).

Whatsapp, text or email support between sessions (you choose your preference).

Up to 2, 15-minute calls/month between sessions to work through realtime challenges you are facing in your dating life/relationship.


You’re looking for quick hacks to improve your sex life or relationship.

You think your partner is the problem and you’re looking for ways to “fix” them.

You’re looking for sexological body work  or sex work (Somatica is a clothing on method).

© Tovah Kolodinski
Create a Life of Freedom Today
Because when you feel secure in your relationships, emotionally expressed, and lit up sexually you feel safe and empowered to…

Step boldly into your power, truth and uniqueness (versus living a life driven by the expectations of others).
✨ Share your gifts of creativity and healing with the world.
✨ Pursue your big dreams being a thought leader, building a thriving business, and creating inner freedom, location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom.

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